College of Medicine researchers receive NIH funding for addiction research

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A head-and-shoulders professional photo of Sue Grigson

Patricia “Sue” Grigson, PhD

The National Institutes of Health have awarded more than $2 million to Patricia “Sue” Grigson, professor and chair in the Department of Neural and Behavioral Sciences, and Scott Bunce, associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral health and clinical psychologist, as part of the Helping to End Addiction Long-term Initiative.

The initiative aims to improve treatments for chronic pain, curb the rates of opioid use disorder and overdose and achieve long-term recovery from opioid addiction.

Addiction research is a key priority at Penn State College of Medicine.

The college’s Addiction Center for Translation, directed by Grigson, was created to address substance-use disorders, particularly given the current rise in drug overdose deaths.

A head-and-shoulders professional photo of Scott Bunce

Scott Bunce, PhD, MA

A team of Penn State researchers, clinicians and community partners have come together to conduct and disseminate cutting-edge research and share evidence-based methods in substance use prevention and treatment with the community.

Meanwhile, Penn State Project ECHO hosts knowledge-sharing networks, led by expert specialist teams mentoring multiple community providers, to help guide treatment on a number of conditions, including opioid use disorder.

Read more about the NIH addiction initiative here.

This article originally appeared in Penn State Health News.

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