The Consortium to Combat Substance Abuse (CCSA) is accepting proposals through February 17, 2020 to establish faculty-initiated, interdisciplinary research working groups around any theme related to addressing substance misuse. The goal of this program is to help establish interdisciplinary groups of PSU researchers who wish to focus on a common aspect of substance use research. Groups that include members from more than one college and/or campus will be prioritized for funding. Examples of broad working group themes include, but are not limited to:

  • Spillover effects to children and families (e.g., neonatal abstinence syndrome; interventions that address family systems)
  • Emerging epidemics (e.g., vaping; cannabis use)
  • Substance misuse and the criminal justice system (e.g., continued treatment when re-entering communities; the role of law enforcement officers in addressing the opioid epidemic)
  • Pain management (e.g., dentist and physician prescribing practices; issues among veterans)
  • Community engagement and community coalition building to address substance misuse and its sequelae (e.g., using implementation data to study factors that may affect scale-up; facilitating sustainability in local communities)
  • Developing, implementing, or evaluating evidence-based policies/programs to prevent or address substance misuse and the translation to impact (e.g., cost effectiveness of policies/programs; simulating potential effects using administrative or social network data).

Working groups are expected to build interdisciplinary and translational research collaborations and creative, solutions-focused plans, using this forum as an incubator space; we seek working groups that are aligned with at least one established PSU research center or institute. Funds of up to $5,000, to be used between May 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021, may be requested for costs associated with regular meetings (e.g., travel between campuses, food – kept to a minimum); support to the research group such as to facilitate a literature review; funds to host external experts who ideally would also present as part of an existing seminar series; and/or support for an add-on meeting to the annual CCSA conference. In addition to financial support, please indicate if any administrative support is needed to support the group, such as scheduling meetings, reserving rooms, or placing food orders. Add-on meetings to the May 4, 2020 CCSA conference would be held on the morning of May 5 in University Park, PA.

Competitive applications will be proposed by a team of two researchers from different disciplines, colleges, or campuses who will co-chair the working group.
To apply for CCSA Research Working Group seed funding, submit applications no longer than one page by February 17, 2020 to containing the following information:

  1. Names and affiliations of working group co-chairs
  2. Working group theme and why it requires interdisciplinary teams to understand/address it
  3. Alignment of theme with the goals of the CCSA
  4. Proposed activities (frequency/location/goals of meetings, invited speaker, etc.)
  5. Requested funds (budget and brief justification) and any requested administrative support to the group
  6. Names and affiliations of at least 3 PSU researchers (in addition to chairs) who have agreed to participate in the start-up of the working group. Please attach emails confirming each working group participant’s interest.

Decisions will be shared with applicants no later than March 6, 2020.

For more information, check out the link here.