Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice

Multi-county, multi-campus approach to address the supply and demand of substances of abuse.

Identifying and Informing Strategies for Disrupting Drug Distribution Networks: An Application for Community Policing to Opiate Flows in Pennsylvania, in partnership with Pennsylvania State Police, Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol, The Center for Rural Pennsylvania, and local treatment facilities, aims to identify hotspots of drug distribution and access, while addressing the utility of community based policing in addressing this complex issue. [PIs: Glenn Sterner and Ashton Verdery]

Illuminating the Opioid Drug Crisis in Pennsylvania: Trends, Patterns, and Correlates of Drug and Opioid Law Violations Across Pennsylvania Counties, a research study funded by the Penn State Criminal Justice Research Center, is looking at patterns and trends in opioid-drug law violations over the 2000-2017 period across a rural-continuum of counties. [PIs: Darrell Steffensmeier and Jeffery Ulmer]

Projects Funded by Social Science Research Institute Seed Grants as part of Penn State’s Consortium to Combat Substance Abuse:

  • Linking Accidental Overdoses to Medical Professionals and Pharmacies: A Population-Based Social Network Analysis will determine patterns among victims of opioid overdoses, prescribers, and dispensaries of prescription opioid painkillers in order to more accurately identify healthcare professionals who may be targets for either education or criminal justice interdiction efforts. [PIs: Glenn Sterner]